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We invite you to visit us! We would pleased to welcome you to SCh TOMY.


Every Sunday we meet at 11.00 at Lipowa 15/17. Starting at 10.30, we have hot coffee and a fresh croissant. Come and meet us!

Is SCh Tomy a Christian community?

Yes, we are a Christian community operating within the framework of the Christian Church of Poland (chrystusowi.pl)

Do I have to register somewhere to come to the service?

You do not have to sign up anywhere, just come and get to know us.

Is there a special outfit during the services?

Come as you are, we do not expect special “Sunday” clothes.

Can I bring my children with me?

Of course! Children are an important part of our community. We start our services with singing together with our children, and later, during the service, the children have their own Sunday school classes where they learn basic biblical truths. For parents with children 0-3, we have a children’s room with toys.

Can I come, look around and leave without any obligations?

Sure. You can come and go at any time.

Will I have to give an offering?

You do not have to give your money to us. During the service, we collect an offering that expresses our gratitude to God for what He’s given us. We use it for the functioning of our church and helping other people, but don’t feel obligated obliged to participate.

Is there a specific way of behavior in the service?

During the meeting, we listen to God’s Word, we sing, we pray, we sometimes talk. You can be an observer of what we do.

Will I have somewhere to park?

You should be able to park your car without problems along Lipowa street.

Important information

Solna 15

Every day you can meet us in our Solna 15 Club, where our office, community center and family counseling center are also located. You're welcome from Tuesday to Friday from 10: 00-17: 00.


You can park your car along Lipowa street.


ul. Solna 15, 91-423 Łódź, 697 356 996, biuro@schtomy.pl

Bank Account

Account number: 24 1240 3145 1111 0010 3870 5314

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